Buildings and Facilities
Currently, the College campus consists of nine buildings: Cheng Ming Building (with Wai-hing Room serving as staff common room and Sai-wing Room serving as staff meeting room, the Hui Gallery and New Asia History Gallery), Humanities Building, Ch’ien Mu Library, Staff Student Centre – Leung Hung Kee Building (with Mrs. David Lam Hall serving as students common room, canteens, Charles Leung Gymnasium, Ying-wai Fitness Room)(For the opening hours of facilities, please click here), Friendship Lodge and four students hostels (Chih Hsing Hall, Grace Tien Hall, Xuesi Hall and Daisy Li Hall). BBQ pits are available at the Staff / Student Centre - Leung Hung Kee Building and student hostel area (Rental of BBQ Pits - Application form (Chinese Version Only)).

All staff and students can also access to the University’s facilities, like University Library, Guest House, Benjamin Franklin Centre, John Fulton Centre, Science Centre, Medical Building, Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, Hang Seng Bank, bookstore, swimming pool, University Sports Centre, supermarket, restaurants and barber-shop. Shuttle bus service is available on campus .

College Office

Address: 1/F, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Opening hours: 8:45am-5:30pm (Monday to Thursday); 8:45am-5:45pm (Friday); Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

New Asia Amphitheatre


The New Asia Amphitheatre is a popular venue for students to rest and to hold activities. There are two curved walls in the Amphitheatre. The wall at the top of the steps was erected prior to the one behind the stage. Names of the College graduates arranged by year of graduation are engraved on both walls.


Quite a lot of activities are held in the Amphitheatre: banquet for a thousand people, martial arts night, etc. Many alumni will visit the Amphitheatre when they return to the campus. At the back of the upper wall is a board for students to freely express their views.


The Amphitheatre is one of the sceneries of the College and the University. Every year, many students take their graduate photos here.


New Asia Water Tower


The New Asia Water Tower is an important landmark of the College. The 120-feet tower is located next to the Amphitheatre. The tower can be seen from Tai Po Road and the Tolo Harbour Highway.


The simple outline of the T-shape tower is congruous with its functional design. The horizontal structure at the top comprises straight lines and rigid angles, which differ from the curvilinear design of United College Water Tower. The tower has tanks storing potable water and flushing water respectively to serve various units and departments of the College. The staircase inside leads to the top of the tower where one can have a panoramic view of the entire University campus. For the sake of safety, the tower door is closed always. During special festivities of the College, a long strip of banner will be hung on the tower wall for publicity.


The Statue of Confucius


To encourage students to pursue Chinese culture, the College invited Mr. Van Lau, a prominent sculptor, to carve a Statue of Confucius on the campus in 1998.


The statue in bronze was sculpted and molded in mainland China. It faces north toward the hometown of Confucius in Shantung province. At the back of the Statue is a bamboo stick engraved with Confucius’ teaching ideal, “ever learning, and never tired of teaching.”


New Asia College has two Chinese herbal medicine gardens, one on the right of the Statue of Confucius, another in the lawn behind Ch’ien Mu Library. The latter grows cooling herbal tea of Chinese Medicine. A stone inscribed with “Herbal Medicine Garden: Cooling Tea” in Chinese can be found by the garden.


New Asia Clock Tower


The New Asia Clock Tower is located in front of Chih Hsing Hall and Xuesi Hall. It provides a time reference for students of the College. The clock is designed with the concept of ‘the sky is round and the earth is square’ to express the idea of the integration of man and nature. The base of the clock is square and the top is round appearing that they are integrating together. The clock is supported by two triangle pillars, which are divided by a square, expressing the lyrics of the New Asia College Anthem: “Thousands catties carry on the shoulders.”  The clock tower, a champion work in an open competition, was designed by a student of Architecture Department.


The clock tower is about six meters tall with 4 clock faces. It plays a section of the College Anthem after hourly ringing. At night, there are spot lights. Students living in the hostels like meeting and gathering there.


Pavilion of Harmony


“The Theory of the Union of Man and Nature” composed by Dr. Ch’ien Mu, founder of the College, states that Chinese believe the Mandate of Heaven is shown in one’s life and nothing can be said about this Mandate if one is away from life. On the other hand, if one is away from the Mandate of Heaven, life cannot be discussed any more.


The pavilion, located on a platform between two college hostels, further develops the idea of the “union of man and nature”. The roof of the pavilion is transparent with bamboos planted by its sides and stone chair in the Pavilion. Visitors can see the Tolo Harbour from the pavilion and the pond in front shows the reflection of the sky and sea in the same colour. Visitors can sit by the pond with bare feet in the water. While sitting there, one may feel like being an integral part of the nature. “The Theory of the Union of Man and Nature” by Dr. Ch’ien, is also inscribed on the wall.


Hui Gallery


Donated by the Hui’s Family, the Hui Gallery is established for promoting arts and cultures in the campus. In addition to the exhibitions organized by the College, the College actively encourages the University community to organize individual and joint exhibitions at the Gallery.

Opening hours of Hui Gallery:
9:30am-4:30pm (Monday to Friday); 9:30am-12:30pm (Saturdays); Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


3943 8703


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Yun Chi Hsien


The Hsien is well-equipped and features an independent function room, a performance stage, a 14-feet screen and advanced audio equipment. Here at Hsien, diners can experience the most culinary delights while enjoying the natural scenery. Booking from University units/departments, members of New Asia College Staff Association (NACSA), New Asia College Alumni Association (NACAA) and New Asia College Golf Association (NACGA) are most welcome and we can assure you that Yun Chi Hsien is definitely an ideal venue for your functions.


Opening hours:
Mon – Fri 12 noon - 2:00 pm
Sat, Sun and Public holidays: Closed

G/F, Staff Student Centre – Leung Hung Kee Building, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Enquiry / Reservation for Functions:
3943 7621


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General Arrangement of YCH Lunch Service During Typhoons and Black Rainstorm Signal


New Asia History Gallery


The New Asia History Gallery is located on the ground floor of Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College. The Gallery would showcase the development journey of New Asia by displaying descriptive panels, pictures and valuable exhibits. The Gallery would be open to the public from 16 December 2013 (Monday). Staffs, students, alumni and all friends of New Asia are welcome to visit. 


Opening hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

G/F, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


3943 7609