Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Arts
Prof. LAM Weng Cheong
3943 7705
Centre for China Studies
Prof. LI Chen (1st Term)
Prof. GAO Yunwen (2nd Term)
3943 9542
3943 3713
Chinese Language and Literature
Prof. CHEUNG Kam Siu Kenneth
3943 7100
Cultural and Religious Studies
Prof. GILDOW Douglas
3943 4390
English Prof. GLECKMAN Jason 3943 7109
English Language Teaching Unit Mr. GOH Kevin   3943 7454
Fine Arts Prof. VIGNERON Frank
3943 7617
History Prof. CHEUNG Sui Wai
3943 7115
Japanese Studies Dr. CHEUNG Ching Yuen 3943 3701
Linguistics and Modern Languages Prof. SZE Yim Binh Felix 3943 1618
Philosophy Prof. WONG Kai Yee
3943 7145
Translation Prof. WEI Ling Chia Sophie
3943 8635
Yale-China Chinese Language Centre Ms. HUANG Ying
3943 5915

Terms of Reference


  1.  To provide personal advice to students and co-ordinate staff members to take care of students of the

          College. Where appropriate, they will assist/liaise with Dean of Students’ Office on student problems.


  2.  To attend the meetings of College’s Assembly of Fellows and to liaise with teachers of

          Departments/Programmes within the College on College affairs, as far as possible.


  3.  To help promote staff-student relationship within respective Departments/Programmes.


  4.  To advise students on College’s requirement on general education course and

          liaise with teachers for general education courses (STOT).


  5.  To look after the nomination and assist in the selection of students for College scholarships, prizes,

          Dean’s List,exchange programmes, etc.