Sports Committee

Prof. LAM Fu Yuen Francis (Interim)


Mr. CHAN Chi Ming   Mr. CHEUNG Wai Kit   Prof. HUI Ho Lam Jerome
Prof. LAM Hon Ming
Prof. LAU Ka Lun Kevin
Prof. LEE Ho Man Jimmy
Dr. LEUNG Fung Lin Elean Prof. LI Duozhe Mr. NG Chun Hung   
Prof. TSUI Chit  Prof. WAN Yau Heng Tom  Dr. WONG Chak Fu Jeff   
Prof. WONG Nai Ching Henry   Prof. WONG Wing Tak Jack
1 student representative from College Student Union
1 student representative


 Effective Date : 01 August 2019

Background, Vision and Mission

Sports activities are conducive to a healthy living style and establishing a strong tie between students and staff. The Committee and the Physical Education Unit promote active participation in physical activities and sports by offering a variety of high quality courses and providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for sports participation, with the ultimate goals of enhancing the health and fitness of University members and leading to an active and balanced life.

(A)     Terms of Reference

          1.     Propose appropriate initiatives and policies to promote participation in physical activities;

          2.     Organize a series of College sports activities for students and staff;

          3.     Guide students to organize sports activities;

          4.     Determine the criteria of awards in various sports activities.


(B)     Composition

          1.     The Committee consists of a maximum of 15 members, excluding Student Representatives;

          2.     There are 1 Student Representative from the College Student Union and  

                     1 Student Representative among College students;

          3.     The Chairperson is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is appointed 

                     by the College Secretary.


(C)     Meeting Schedule

          1.     A meeting has to be convened at least once in each academic year;

          2.     The Chairperson may convene other ad hoc meeting(s) if necessary.




          12 January 2017