General Education Advisory Board of New Asia College

Mr. LEUNG Ying Wai Charles


Dr. CHAN Chi Sun
Mr. CHAU Hau Fung Prof. CHEUNG Chin Hung Sidney
Prof. CHEUNG Hok Ming Frederick Mr. LEE Ming Kwai Dick Ms. LEUNG Suk Ching
Prof. SHEK Tan Lei Daniel Mr. WONG Ho Chiu Dr. WONG Kwai Lam
Mr. WONG Man Yin Denny Mr. WONG Yick Kam Michael


 Effective Date : 01 August 2021

Background, Vision and Mission

To maintain a high standard of teaching and learning, the Committee on General Education Advisory Board has been established. Members of the Committee mainly consist of external members, including trustees, alumni and senior college members.

(A)     Terms of Reference

          To advise and make recommendations to the College on quality assurance of General Education 

             courses and other related activities for continuous improvement.


(B)     Composition

          1.     The Committee consists of a maximum of 15 members;

   2.     The Chairperson is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is appointed 

              by the College Secretary;

   3.     The Dean of General Education of the College is an ex-officio member.



(C)     Meeting Schedule

          1.     One meeting will normally be convened in each academic year;

   2.     The Chairperson may convene other ad hoc meeting(s) if necessary.




          12 January 2017