Committee on Student Counselling and Development

Prof. CHEUNG Kam Siu Kenneth (Dean of Students)

Ex-officio Member

Miss LUK Man Chung Jean (College Secretary)


Prof. CHENG Shing Shin Prof. JIANG Xiaohua Prof. KONG Pik Shan Alice
Prof. LAM Hon Ming
(Warden, Daisy Li Hall)
Mr. LAU Ching Henry

Dr. LEUNG Fung Lin Elean
(Warden, Xusei Hall)
Prof. LI Hongsheng
Prof. SUM Kim Wai Raymond
Prof. WING Yun Kwok
Prof. YAN Xiaoyu

1 student representative from College Student Union
1 student representative from non-local undergraduates


  Effective Date : 01 August 2021

Background, Vision and Mission

The Committee is established under the Assembly of Fellows of New Asia College with the aim to provide assistance and advices for students on various aspects throughout their study in the University.


(A)     Terms of Reference

          1.     To promote general awareness among students on the importance of 

                     whole person development and mental health.

          2.     To foster a supportive learning environment which helps promote 

                     whole person development as well as students’ welfare.

          3.     To coordinate activities and events which encourage students to achieve self-awareness, 

                     acceptance, appreciation and personal growth.

          4.     To recommend strategies and policies related to student counselling and development.

          5.     To undertake any other duties and functions related to student counselling and 

                    development assigned by the College.


(B)     Composition

          1.     The Committee consists of a maximum of 15 members (excluding student representatives);

   2.     The Chairperson is the Dean of Students, while the Secretary is appointed by the College Secretary.


(C)     Meeting Schedule

          1.     The committee will normally meet once a year;

   2.     The Chairperson may convene other ad hoc meeting(s) if necessary.




          12 January 2017