Committee on Scholarships and Bursaries

Prof. LEE Ho Man Jimmy

Deputy Chairperson

Prof. HUI Ho Lam Jerome

Ex-officio Members

Prof. CHEUNG Kam Siu Kenneth

Miss LUK Man Chung Jean (College Secretary) 


Prof. CHAN Kwan Chee Allen
Prof. CHENG Sea Ling Mr. CHUNG Lok Wai Steve
Prof. FAN Sin Piu Prof. HE Xiaoqing Rowena Prof. KWOK Kin On
Dr. LAM Ka Ka  Dr. LAU Ka William Prof. SHU Ching Tat Chester
Prof. WAN Yau Heng Tom

1 student representative
2 student representatives from the College Student Union


Effective Date : 01 August 2021

(A)     Terms of Reference

          1. To draft stipulations of Scholarship and bursary schemes;

          2. To select recipients of scholarships and bursaries;

          3. To establish a review group if needed and seek the Assembly of Fellows’ authorization of making 

               final decisions to the groups;

          4.     The Committee handles scholarships and bursaries of the College, overseas scholarships, scholarships 

                     and bursaries of the University, government grants and loans and other scholarships as assigned by 

                     the Assembly of Fellows;

          5. To handle other duties assigned by the Assembly of Fellows.


(B)     Composition

          1.     The Committee maximum not over 15 members (student representatives not including); 2 student 

                     representatives are appointed by Student Union of the College and 1 student representative

                     is appointed by the Representative Council of the Student Union of the College for 1 year;

          2.     The Chairperson of the Committee is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is 

                     appointed by the College Secretary.  The ex-officio Members are the Dean of Students and the 

                     College Secretary of the College.


(C)     Meeting Schedule

          1.     The Committee meets at least once a semester;

          2.     The Chairperson calls for meetings whenever needed.

         12 January 2017