Committee on Overseas Experience

Prof. CHENG Sea Ling Prof. CHEUNG Kam Siu Kenneth (Dean of Students)

Ex-officio Member

Dr. JUNKER Andrew  (Yale-China Association Representative)


Prof. CHAN Leung Franky Prof. CHEN Ji Kang Prof. CHEUNG Chin Hung Sidney
Prof. GENIUSAS Saulius Prof. HE Ying Sylvia Prof. HOYNG Rolien
Prof. JIANG Xiaohua Prof. KOH Soon Lee Aaron Prof. NAKANO Lynne Yukie
Prof. SORENSEN Eli Park Prof. WONG Cho Lee Jojo Prof. WONG Wai Yee Sharon
Prof. YELLEN Jeremy

1 student representative
1 student representative from College Student Union


  Effective Date : 01 August 2021

Background, Vision and Mission


The College has established term-time (one term or one year) student exchange programmes and summer cultural exchange programmes with a number of universities worldwide, which allow students to study abroad and experience different cultural life. The Committee mainly oversees term-time (one term or one year) student exchange programmes and summer cultural exchange programmes, also to interview and select qualified candidates.


(A)     Terms of Reference

          1.     To review the previous year of term-time (one term or one year) student exchange programmes 

                     and summer cultural exchange programmes;

          2.     To advise on the current year of term-time (one term or one year) student exchange programmes 

                     and summer cultural exchange programmes;

          3.     To interview and select the candidates of term-time (one term or one year) student exchange 

                     programmes and summer cultural exchange programmes;

          4.     To handle other duties assigned by the Assembly of Fellows.


(B)     Composition

          1.     The Committee consists of a maximum of 15 members (not including student representatives);

          2.     The Chairperson of the Committee is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the 

                     Secretary is appointed by College Secretary and the Dean of Students is Ex-officio member.


(C)     Meeting Schedule

          1.     The Committee meets at least once a year;

          2.     The Chairperson calls for meetings whenever needed.




          12 January 2017