Committee on General Education

Prof. TSE Wai Kit Wicky (Dean of General Education)

Deputy Chairperson

Prof. WAN Chui Ki Maggie

Ex-officio Members

Prof. CHEUNG Kam Siu Kenneth (Dean of Students)
Dr. JUNKER Andrew  (Yale-China Association Representative)
Mr. MA Fai Hung Leo  (Head of Ch’ien Mu Library)


Prof. CHAN Nicholas Louis 
Prof. CHAN Pui Pedith
Prof. CHEN Ji Kang 
Prof. CHENG Sze Lok Alfred
Prof. HE Xiaoqing Rowena
Prof. HO Siu Kee
Prof. LUI Lok Ming Ronald Dr. LO Kit Hung Prof. POON Tat Pui Eric
Prof. SIT Tony Prof. WONG Wing Tak Jack
1 student representative
2 student representatives from the College Student Union


 Effective Date : 01 August 2022

Background, Vision and Mission

College General Education is regarded as a key component of the holistic university education. The Committee is responsible for all credit-bearing general education courses provided by the College.


(A)     Terms of Reference

          1.     To plan and supervise all general education courses of the College;

          2.     To ensure the proposed courses are aligned with the learning objectives of the 

                     University General Education Programme, and to make recommendations to the Senate 

                     Committee on General Education (SCGE) thereon;

          3.     To monitor the teaching and learning quality of New Asia College General Education courses.


(B)     Composition

   1.     The Committee consists of a maximum of 15 members (excluding the student representatives);

   2.     The Chairperson is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is appointed 

              by the College Secretary.


(C)     Meeting Schedule

   1.     Two meetings will normally be convened in each academic year;

   2.     The Chairperson may convene other ad hoc meeting(s) if necessary.



          12 January 2017