Board of Trustees
  Mr. LEUNG Ying Wai Charles

  Dr. CHAN Chi Sun   Mr. LAM Wing Tak Bill   Dr. WONG Kwai Lam
  Ex-officio Members
  Prof. CHAN Sun On Hector  
   (Head, New Asia College)
  Dr. JUNKER Andrew
   (Representative, Yale-China Association)

  Miss LUK Man Chung Jean

  Members nominated by the Yale Club of Hong Kong:

  Ms. LAI Kathryn  Mr. WONG Yeuk Hang Terence
  Member nominated by The Chinese University of Hong Kong :

  Member nominated by the University of Hong Kong :
  Prof. LEE Wing Yee Eliza

  Members nominated by the Alumni Association of New Asia College :
  Mr. WONG Ho Chiu   Mr. YIU Chun Hong Anthony
  Members nominated by the Assembly of Fellows of New Asia College:

  LEE Ho Man Jimmy   Prof. WING Yun Kwok

  Members elected by the Board from the community at large:
  Dr. CHAN Chi Sun   Mr. CHAN Kai Ho Kevin   Mr. CHU Yuen On Alexander
  Mrs. CHUNG CHEN Wing Ka
  Ms. FUNG Siu Ling Toby

  Mr. HEUNG Shu Fai

  Dr. HUI Yiu Kwan Dennis   Dr. KWAN Pak Hoo Bankee   Dr. LAM Tzit Yuen David
  Mr. LAM Wing Tak Bill   Mr. LAM Yiu Ming David   Ms. LEE Kit Lan
  Mr. LEE Ming Kwai Dick   Dr. LEE Sam Yuen John   Mr. LEUNG Ying Wai Charles
  Mr. LIM See Wai David   Mr. NAGAHARA Akihiro   Mr. TO Tat Fai Franklin
  Dr. TONG Yun Kai   Prof. TSUI Lap Chee   Dr. WONG King Kwok Raymond
  Dr. WONG Kwai Lam   Dato' WONG Kwing Keung   Mr. WONG Man Yin Denny
  Ms. WONG Oi Yee Michell   Mr. WONG Yick Kam Michael   Miss YOUNG Wing Yan Manda
  Mr. YUEN Tak Tim Anthony