Assembly of Fellows

Prof. CHAN Sun On Hector (Head)
(Effective on 01 January 2021)


Miss LUK Man Chung Jean


Prof. CHAN Kwan Chee Allen Dr. CHANG Ming Yuen Michael Prof. CHENG Sze Lok Alfred
Prof. CHEUNG Chin Hung Sidney Prof. CHEUNG Kam Siu Prof. CHONG Tai Leung Terence
Prof. CHU Ka Hou Prof. CHUNG Tsz Shun Eric Prof. FAN Sin Piu
Prof. FAURE David Prof. HUI Ho Lam Jerome Dr. JUNKER Andrew 
Prof. KONG Pik Shan Alice  Prof. LAI Ming Chiu Prof. LAM Hon Ming
Prof. LAU Kwok Ying Prof. LEE Ho Man Jimmy Prof. LEE Jyh An 
Prof. LEE Ka Man Carmen  Dr. LEUNG Fung Lin Elean Prof. LI Duozhe
Prof. MERCURIO Bryan Prof. NAKANO Lynne Yukie  Prof. SHU Ching Tat Chester
Prof. SO York Kee Clement Prof. SUM Kim Wai Raymond Prof. SZETO Cheuk Chun 
Prof. TAM Wai Ping Lukas 
Prof. TONG Kai Yu Raymond
Prof. WAN Yau Heng Tom
Prof. WING Yun Kwok    Prof. YOUNG Danqing Prof. ZHANG Jian 
Prof. ZHONG Hua Sara  

Student Members

To be confirmed



 Effective Date : 01 August 2020

 (A)    Terms of Reference

          In accordance with the University Ordinance, the Assembly of Fellows shall be responsible for 

          making decisions and implementation of all matters relating to the College, including

          1.     The promotion of student-oriented teaching in collaboration with the Boards of Studies and 

                     under the direction of the Senate of the University;

          2.     The planning and promotion of general education and physical education programmes;

          3.     Provision of student counseling services and maintenance of student discipline;

          4.     The promotion of student welfare, and supervision of all matters related to the planning and 

                     management of student hostels;

          5.     The advancement of academic and cultural activities;

          6.     The development of public relations, including liaison with alumni and strategies on fund-raising, etc.;

          7.     The election of representatives from among the Fellows, to serve on various committees, 

                     including the College Board of Trustees, University Council and Senate;

          8.     The establishment of Standing Committee for handling routine and time-based college affairs. The terms 

                     of reference of the Standing Committee are approved by the College Assembly of Fellows;

          9.     The establishment of committees under the College Assembly of Fellows;

        10.     The submission of recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the development of the College;

        11.      Any other matters raised by the College Head.

(B)     Composition

          1.     The Assembly of Fellows of New Asia College was set up in accordance with Statute 16 of the

                     Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance;

          2.     The College Head serves as Chairman; members are appointed by nomination or by election in 

                     accordance with the University Ordinance for a term of five years and shall be eligible for 

                     re-election. The total number of members shall not exceed 35;

          3.     The College Secretary serves as Secretary.

(C)     Meeting Schedule

          1.     The Committee shall normally convene at least three meetings each academic year;

          2.     The Chairman may convene other ad hoc meeting(s) if deemed necessary. It may also be upon 

                     the request of more than 40 per cent of members. A notice of meeting shall be sent to 

                     members at least 7 days prior to the meeting;

          3.     The quorum of meeting shall be 40 per cent of members present in Hong Kong;

          4.     The Assembly may invite staff members or college students in attendance, for providing 

                     information relevant to the meeting;

          5.     The resolutions of the Assembly shall be approved by more than half of the voting members.  

                     If there is tie of votes, the final resolution shall be decided by the Chairman;

          6.     With no contravention to the University Ordinance, the terms of reference and its amendment 

                     shall be approved by more than half of the voting members.

(D)     Committees of the Assembly of Fellows

          In order to promote College affairs, the following committees are set up in accordance with items 8 

          and 9 of Statute 2 under the Ordinance of the Chinese University of Hong Kong:

          1.     Standing Committee

          2.     Committee for Lecture Series on Chinese Culture

          3.     Committee on Academic Exchanges

          4.     Committee on Publication

          5.     Committee on Scholarships & Bursaries

          6.     Committee on Student Discipline

          7.     Committee on Student Hostels

          8.     Committee on General Education

          9.     Committee on Language and Culture

        10.     Committee on College Culture

        11.     Sports Committee

        12.     Committee on the Management of College Canteen

        13.     Committee on the Management of Hui Gallery and Y.S. Hui Exchange Programme in Fine Arts

        14.     Committee on Overseas Experience

        15.     Sub-Committee on Student Exchange Programmes with Universities in Japan

        16.     Committee on Environmental Protection

        17.     General Education Advisory Board of New Asia College

        18.     Steering Committee on Yu Ying Shih Lecture in History

        19.     Committee on Student Counseling and Development

        20.     Committee on College History

        21.     Committee on New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China

        22.     Committee on Campus Development and Enhancement

        23.     Sub-Committee on Workshop on Chinese Moral Education

        24.     Editorial Committee on New Asia Life Monthly

        25.     Committee on College Founders’ Day

        26.     Committee on Biweekly Assembly

        27.     Committee on New Asia College Cultural Talks

        28.     Committee on Yen Kwo-Yung Lecture in Life Sciences

        29.     Committee on Student Installations and Artworks on campus

  30.      Sub-Committee on Non-residential Hall


  All the above committees shall be accountable to the Assembly of Fellows by dealing with affairs  within their respective terms of reference. They may set up work groups or task force whenever necessary.  

(E)     The terms of reference, authorities and organizations of the committees shall be in accordance with 

             this constitution.

(F)     The other members of the committees are teaching staff appointed by the Assembly of Fellows for 

             a term of three years and shall be eligible for re-election. Each of the Committee shall consist of 

             a maximum of 15 members (not including student representatives).

(G)     The quorum of all committee meetings shall be 40 per cent of the members in Hong Kong.

(H)     The terms of reference, organization and procedures of the committees shall be in accordance with 

             this constitution.

        12 January 2017