“Masterpiece from Recycled Materials”


Make use of used/recycled materials (such as wood, paper, beverage can/bottle or glass etc.) to create artworks, useful products, gifts or anything else given that the work is delivering the message of the environmental protection.

Winners will be awarded with a certificate (NO cash prize) and, depending on the nature of their works, they may have an opportunity to
1) Hold a workshop to show people their idea and how-to behind their works, or
2) Display their works in the college, or

3) Turn their works into college souvenirs


How to Enroll:

Register online (https://cloud.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/webform/view.php?id=447257) and submit their works to Rm110, Humanities Building, New Asia College before the deadline. Students can form groups of up to 4 people or take part individually. All full-time undergraduates of the University are eligible to take part.


a) Submitted entry must be original work of the entrant who should ensure there is no infringement of the rights of the others.
b) Judges will evaluate the entries based on the criteria such as 1) Aesthetic 2) Creativity 3) Practicability 4) Relevancy to the theme and environmental protection.
c) All decisions on the results of the competition by the panel of adjudicators are final and are not disputable.
d) Marks for this competition will be counted in the “NA Environmental Cup”. NA resident students are encouraged to take part in order to win the Cup.
e) If necessary, students may apply for the subsidy from the College to cover part of the production costs. The subsidy application is also included in the online application form. The amount of the subsidy will be determined by the College.



16 January 2015


Mr. Jack Wong, Dean of Students' Office