Results of "The Beauty of Nature in CUHK" Photo Contest


The Beauty of Nature in CUHK" Photo Contest organized by the Committee on Environmental Protection has been successfully completed. The photo contest was well received among college students and staff, with more than 70 submissions of entries for the contest. The committee selected ten awards among those outstanding entries. Congratulations to all the winners!

Champion: TONG, Ka Ho (Economics/Yr4) “The Attitude of a Gentlemen”
1st Runner-up: LEUNG, Kenn Mattheus (Linguistics/Yr1) “Stars of the Dawn”
2nd Runner-up: MA, Jiaxiang (Integrated BBA Programme/Yr3) “Sweet Gum Woods in CUHK”
Merit prize: LAM, Lok Hin (Information Engineering/Yr3) “Harmony”
Merit prize: TANAKA, Kento (Teaching Staff of Department of English) “Sunset over CUHK”
Merit prize: SIU, Cheuk Hang (M.B., Ch.B./Yr1) “Willow and the Penetrating Sun: the Drunken Beauty of Nature”
Merit prize: LAW, Man Fei (Gender Studies/Yr3) “Warbling Spring”
Merit prize: LAW, Mei (Biomedical Sciences/Yr3) “Paris Peacock”
Merit prize: KWAN, Yuen Lam (Economics /Yr5) “The Tree”
Merit prize: LEE, Minjun (Global Studies /Yr3) “Utopian Paradise in CUHK”

Video of all winners’ entries: https://youtu.be/rEMnxgFr0hQ